Wednesday, October 31, 2012

River Survival Books Now

I've just finished writing and uploading the third book in the River Survival Series. These digital books can be uploaded to any computer, but are especially designed for Kindle or Nook readers. The advantage of these readers is that, like a personal computer, you can have a thousand books on one little device.

 River Survival Series
The first book is 319 pages. I chose a new book cover to reflect the second editions greater scope of survival tactics and warfare. There's alot of brutal details, so this could classify as a horor post -grid collapse work of fiction.

The second book in the series takes place in a small comunity on the Mississipi River. They are struggling to rebuild after the collapse, and must fight criminals coming down the river as well as cannibals raiding from Chicago. It has 349 pages of drama, brutality, sex and violence. Beware. Not a book for kids. We meet the Resistance Movement, which will play a vital role in book four.
Barnes and Nobel  carries the series too. 

Book three was pretty intense for me. I wrote some steamy love scenes, as well as delved into Apache's past. Not for weak stomachs. We find out a lot about Sheriff Snyder, who is haunted daily. Majors gone AWOL, the Hub in Cleveland, and Carla all get serious. With the Federal Government planing a Clean Sweep Campaign for early spring, book four will have more hororr in store.
After reading any and all of these books, Please, write a review on Amazon for me. I would really appreciate it. 
 River Survival Series

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