Thursday, July 12, 2012

Osprey Falls On the Sheepeater Trail

Today I hiked with a co worker. We parked one car at the Mammoth Horse Corrals, and the other at Indian Creek Campground. Just parking the cars seemed like a long distance apart and we planned to skirt Bunsen Creek and take the meadow along the last part, ending at Sheepeaters Cliff picnic area, then road walk to Indian Creek. I really don't like road walks, especiall around 2 p.m when the traffic is autrocious. Oh well, thats what we did.

It's really hard finding a good hiking partner with like interests and style. We did begin our 11 mile hike by 8 a.m. Several people had warned us we were biting off too much.

My hiking partner was faster than I on all but the steep decent into the canyon that housed this  outstanding falls. We were the only ones there. After enjoying the cool spray awhile, we packed up, headed out, passing several people on the way down, most with serious cameras.

We headed north along a double wide old jeep road, bright sunlight baking our skin. The lake that we'd hoped to lunch at had several feet of marsh all along it. My hiking partner lay in the grass while I attempted to get wet. Not working.

We began the bushwack through the meadow, beautifully lush with sage brush. Except, that is hard going. Finding a nice tree near a 9 inch wide meandering stream, we took our break. My feet found that water immediately, ice cold in spite of everything.

Back on trail, we kept bush wacking knowing our trail head was near the road south of the spot we started from. Unfortunately we hit the road too early and ended up with about 3 miles of road walking, not the 1/4 mile planned.

It was a great day, I loved the falls. Next time maybe it will be cooler.

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful from the hike! So glad you are back on the trail and seeing such wonderful places.