Saturday, July 7, 2012

Badgers Are Bold

I'm working in Yellowstone National Park, at Mammoth Hot Springs. One of my favorite things to do is hike, so its only natural I'd find this trail so spectacular, from the least little flower to the huge mountains surrounding this oasis.

The Beaver Pond Trail is about 5 miles long and climbes steeply no matter which end you start the loop from. Descending is no easy matter, either. I love my hiking poles. On the way, a person skirts several ponds with evidence of beavers living nearby.

Today I got on the trail right after work, in the rain, bear spray slung over my shoulder. I hiked up hill, calling hey bear, Griz have been sighted often in these parts, one even taking down an elk calf while people watched.

Today I saw a coyote running across the field, 6 big elk eating, sitting and watching hikers pass by so near the trail they could be touched. Of course I gave them wide berth, knowing they can kick a gal to death.

Rounding a bend, I saw a badger inside his hole, digging. He heard me, popped his head out. I snapped his picture. He came out of that hole, facing me down. I appologized, and hurried away.
Some other hikers passed me, going where I'd just come from. Within minutes, they confronted the badger, and turned tail, heading back the way they came.
You don't mess with badgers.

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  1. Awesome hike! Love the pictures, the badger is priceless.