Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Moving a Ton of Cars

Yesterday I participated in a massive car move in Richmond, Washington.
 Three different dealerships were putting on a huge event at the Columbia Park, right along the river. 880 cars had to be moved to this place. 88 volunteers, all part of various non for profit groups participated. I was drafted to drive as part of the WMO, or better known as the World Wide Missionary Outreach group.

I personally relocated 10 cars. I drove two Mercedes, several brand new trucks, a Honda or two and some other seriously nice vehicles. Mine were all brand new. Some being relocated for the special event were trade ins. The most expensive vehicle I drove was $43,981 dollars. Thankfully, all were insured by the dealerships.

The biggest problem I had was getting the seat adjusted fast enough to pull out right in line with the other drivers. I'm pretty short and the seat adjustments varied from right below the knees, at the side with an electrical slide button, or for the Mercedes, on the door by the window adjuster.

It reminded me of my first car ever, a 65 Oldsmobile. Everything on that car was electrical. When the electrical went bonkers, I couldn't open any windows or adjust the seat. The defroster quit working. There was no heat. Wow. I swore I'd never have another all electrical vehicle.

After all was done, we were some pretty tired car movers. Hopping in and out of a van, walking quickly to a new car with the trunk open, sliding in the "plates" shutting the trunk, jumping into the car in question, adjusting the seat, the air conditioner and putting it into gear, staying in line, pulling onto the grass, parking, jumping out, leave the keys in the ignition, run get the removable plates, get into your specific van, ride back to the dealership. Repeat!

Thanks to everyone who helped me not get lost in town, waiting at red lights, squeezing by locals on the freeway.

I still love my humble Geo. I've never met anyone who had a Geo and Didn't love theirs. Bring back the geo!

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