Friday, May 18, 2012

Entering the E-Mail Era

Shout out to my dear friend, Matt, who has learned to e-mail. I look forward to his daily musings, and chuckle at past references to Saffron robes and such.

We worked together in Yellowstone a couple years back. Both of us cooks, we had lots of common ground. I do miss it.

Part of the deal with e-mails is the necessity of remembering all words can be read a couple different ways, like tone of voice.

How many times have you ever told your friend, "You're Brilliant!"

That could sound so many different ways in real life. Practice saying it out loud. It could leave a person feeling stupid, smart, or confused.
I try to be careful writing an e-mail. My friend seems to have a knack for it. I'm so glad, cause a person can go back and enjoy the same message a couple times over.

The choice of words, tone of voice, and punctuation of electronic communications is something to consider before hitting the send. I've made those oopseys before, and try harder to take the moments necessary to think, if I send this message to my mom, might she think I'm complaining? Humm

Love reading all your comments, readers. Please keep following these survivalist posts as we work our way through the life changes brought on by my lastest adventures. Looks like I'll be living near a bigger town, working full time in Food and Beverage, grabbing Sawtooth wilderness escapades, fishing in the Samon River as needed.

There's five chickens running loose in the yard, five young Angus being raised next door, a great breeze turning my bouquets into dried flowers. One thing about Idaho, its windy and dry.

The saying is life happens when you're making other plans.

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