Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Art of Small Pieces

Every night I read the Idaho Statesman. I love turning the newsprint, an old fashioned way perhaps of catching up on world news, local news, sports, ads. As the summer approaches, so many activities are available for the outdoors person. I definitely will be getting a road bike with long distance bike trips in mind. Hey, Flo! Come on out here and join me!

I'm not seeing many actual jobs listed in this great newspaper, but that's ok, cause I got a plan.

I've learned over the course of time when things look overwhelming, you just gotta break it into small pieces.

Like, looking for a new job.

First, I'm getting the resume in order, and making sure the e-mail addresses of my references and phone numbers are up to date.

Then, I'll ask someone to proof read that, making sure the cover sheet is concise, yet speaks to the potential employer. A lot of times this resume can and should be done as a word document, able to be sent via attachment, or down loaded to the online application site.

We live in a very modern world.

Next, I'll start applying to the jobs you want, online. I'm finding many websites have such opportunities. Taking my time to do a great job, not trying to do too many on any given day, gives me a chance to enjoy a cup of coffee now and the fresh air later.

I'm well on the way to a full recovery from the recent surgery I  went through.

Ok, back to the job hunt prospect.

I plan to follow up with a phone call to the employer, the HR department, at an appropriate interval.

By breaking this pending task into segments,  the entire thing gets done.

Of course, this is real world stuff. I miss the woods and mountain jaunts, playing freely by the crazy bubbling streams hunting gold. But I'm an optimist, and I Shall Return to my play soon!


  1. Carol I would love to join you on a bike trip sometime. It is one of my goals to do a ride in all of the states. I have not ridden in Idaho yet! So glad you are job researching and thinking about the outdoors!

  2. LOL, Flo, well, wishful thinking too. I need to remember my temperary restrictions. Doesn't that word even taste funny in the wild woman's mouth??

    1. Six weeks will go by fast with your family. Great time to go with grandkids to a wading pool, or park and work on a tan. If you burn like I do lots of sunscreen!

  3. the kicker with the grandkids is they well exceed 10 pounds and wiggle like nuts! no twisting and bending is hard to do!

    I'm shopping around for realestate, and dreaming of my new road bike adventures.