Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Year Without Winter

Its February 16th. We've had only two cold days here in N. E. Georgia. This can't be good.

Last year by this time we were dealing with lots of ice and snow, using propane like crazy, wondering if the global warming thing had gone haywire.

Now, there are daffodils blooming, bugs moving and rain on a regular basis. A dusting of snow that melted immediately made me realize, some people are seeing snow, somewhere, it is after all winter.

Its tax time, and I've looked at the online versions of file for free. Humm, if like me, you're one of these minimalists cobbling together an income, tax time is intimidating. I could drop 100 bucks on the guy who helped me last year. We had issues, had to refile, amend, go through hell. For 100 bucks, I don't expect hell.

So, I called around and found the local housing authority hosts a free expert to help us out, they just aren't quite set up yet. So, I'm waiting to do my duty and pay my fair share of taxes.

Looking forward to spring, or maybe, its already here.

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