Friday, February 17, 2012

Seasonal Work Available

This is the fourth summer I'll be cooking at a National Park.

I just got my employement package in the mail, Yellowstone National Park, seriously one of the most interesting places in America.

If you've got the time or inclination, run over to
and check out all the seasonal and full time oportunities for adventurers. There is a wealth of information, blogs, personal pages, tons of photos from first timers and addicts like myself.

There's something about the wild life hanging out round the dorms, the spotted fawns skipping along side mom, the bison en mass walking through the cabins for rent, the elk wandering down the trail that does something for me. Lake Yellowstone is my all time favorite location in the park. This year I'll be flying and that will make it a little different.
If you want cell service, you can hike up Elephant Mountain, to the very top, and climb a tree. I'm told it might fade in and out, but worth trying.
Another option is to walk to Fishing Bridge. Once the trail is open because the bears have quit eating carrion along the shore, its only a little more than a mile. Great ice cream cones, too.

There are regular phones, but who uses them anymore?

Will be posting photos all summer.

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