Saturday, January 7, 2012

Surviving A Year on Meat Alone

"A diet of meat is good for you, despite some stubborn superstition to the contrary. Vilhjalmur Stefansson lived for a full year on meat alone to prove this point. If you are forced to live solely on the products of the chase, you must east flesh, fat, liver and every edible part to ensure that you don't suffer from dietetic deficiencies."-- page 77 Never Say Die

I've read that meat alone would kill a person, especially lean meat like rabbits. I believe the above quote. Most animals have some kind of fat on them, and I'd eat that just to be sure.

Eating a lot of meat would be hard on the kidneys. Water would be critical at this juncture. Hopefully we won't come to those dire straights.

I don't think the end of the world is coming in December. It might feel like it for those struggling with house payments. For some reason, the economic figures are improving, yet no one I meet is feeling it.

Here in Georgia it's really warm. Hunting season is over, people are target practicing as I type.
It's like we're in the eye of the storm, and the other side of hell is about to break loose.

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