Monday, January 9, 2012

Donner Party- A Movie Review

This 2009 movie is incredibly depressing. I imagine it's supposed to be. We get survival lessons all along the way, namely know who is your guide and that they can actually pull off what they promise.

The rich dude, Mr. Foster, is about useless, and I guess we're not supposed to like him. The women are the survivors, and we do carry a lot more body fat then men, a reason, plus we need fewer calories to maintain our energy. Just nature's way of keeping the species going.

The movie shows them drawing sticks, the short end got murdered, and eaten. I thought they ate the ones that died of starvation. Reports vary. I looked it up in Wikipedia.

Now, I'd never fault a person for eating another if they had already died. Shooting someone to eat them is a whole nother thing.

I went through Donner Pass on the Pacific Crest Trail. It would be a very difficult place if a person was snowed in. Seriously cold and rugged.

There were days hiking in the Northern Cascades when the weather turned bad. We hiked over the pass and into the valley with the admonition: Remember the Donner Party.

Do I recommend the movie, humm. Not unless its sunny and cheery. I'm depressed now.


  1. Yeah, movie seriously depressing. And annoying because I had just read a book about it and I didn't feel the two stories matched up. Although both caused me to think "Dumb dumb dumb!"

  2. Yeah, I hate it when producers mess with the facts and pass it off as legit. Like Last of the Mohicans, the movie is a stupid Hollywood production of J.F. Cooper's classic. Disappointing script, great scenery.