Saturday, November 19, 2011

Walking The Amazon-Discovery Channel

Ok, I loved it. In spite of all the commercials, this two hour production kept my attention and I even took notes.

Our explorer, Ed, is a british dude who undertook this enormous project on April 2, 2008. No doubt years of planning and dreaming came first, but that's not my point.

He had vision, grit, and the absolute honesty to record painstakingly accuate travelogue. After only 90 days, his original partner Luke, leaves the expedition. He has a fiance, and as they both freely admit, makes it much harder to go on such a trip. They expected it to take 18 months, it took 30 months.

Along the way, our man hires guides. The first one quits once they head into the Red Zone of Peru, dangerous drug infested country. The 10,000 foot canyons didn't drive him off, it was human predators.

Our explorers give insight into the human equation. Anyone who's share a long trail knows how a partner can get on your nerves, 24-7 of most anyone is too much to bear.

I was amazed at the great footage of foods and wild provisions, flesh eating bugs, alligators, turtle eggs, native coming of age ceremonies, plodding days in waist deep amazon river. All of it was incredible, more so because of one man's perseverance. Fortunately he met and hired his guide, Chao, a marvelous young man from Peru who saw him through to the end.

This 4,500 mile journey is well worth watching. I found the human spirit the key to all great accomplishments.


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