Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Friday Survival Gift List

I absolutely avoid town on Black Fridays. There's just no way I can deal with the kinds of crowds and consumerism I see on the news. My family loves it, they go and get the kids all kinds of goodies.

Now, I was thinking, IF I went to such an event, what would I hope to see on sale, at such a great price I would be willing to wait in line, camp out, hustle through the doors and rub shoulders with a million people coming down with the killer virus.

Just kidding about the virus.

My List would look something like this:

Food- dry and canned good, on sale, in bulk, and seriously reasonable. I would stand in line for a chance to buy that.

Ammunition- big boxes of stuff that fits a variety of weapons. My man would love that under the tree.

A Baby Glock- a steal of a deal, and an easy way to verify its just for my self protection, I'm just interested in home defense

Gift Cards- one where I'd pay 50 bucks, but it would be worth 100 to the receiver. Gift cards at face value, even up, aren't worth it. I'll just give cash.

I have to admit, if economists interviewed me, they'd say consumer confidence is down. Maybe that's not the real picture, maybe we just don't need a bigger flat screen, and our laptops still work fine. Maybe I have enough shoes and purses, and my closet is full.

So, how about some real deals on stuff we need?


  1. I'm certainly not a weapons / home security expert so let me ask this: why not a full size Glock for around the house? Larger capacity to hold more shells...

    To me there's no wrong answer. Just curious.

    Have a good Thanksgiving weekend.

  2. My friend handed me a baby glock, just to see how it fit in my hand. I liked it! seemed much more comfortable. I guess if I were a guy, a full sized one would be natural, but my hands are sorta small, and being able to really grip the piece was sweet.

    I was raised up north by non hunting family. Getting used to weapons is a journey for some of us, I guess :D

  3. I cannot remember far enough back to a time when special sales included things we need -- stores lure buyers with junk no one needs, because buyers otherwise might wise up and become accustomed to (God forbid!) not buying junk.

    Btw, thanks for your PolarPure post -- we have exclusively used it over the past thirteen years for weekend backpacking, many AT section hikes, 100 miles at Philmont Scout Ranch. None of us suffered any water-borne maladies, water tx cost was lowest, and the bottles seem like they go on forever. We're hoping he gets new permitting and we can count on replacing ours, if it ever runs out of crystals.

  4. Me too, hoping the regulators wise up.