Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Like The Treehugger Site and Stay Up on Stuff

I love this concept:

An affordable, portable, no moving parts, none electric water still.

There are so many brainy people who take on these projects that I am encouraged about long term survival of the species on a basic level.

The large picture is not too bright, with Greece in collapse, Europe near disaster and the United States still crying "wolf"...well, maybe I should say, still saying The Emperor's Clothes are Awesome!

The Emperor is naked.

With the world population now over 7 billion, solutions of the future will be all about down sizing our carbon footprint. We'll need smaller houses, fewer possessions, and the ability to adapt to limited power options.

I have my facebook settings to private and like sites that I want to stay updated on, such as Treehugger. Every once in awhile something like this solar still, with the concept explained thoroughly, will be posted. A person could probably replicate something on this order if needed.

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