Monday, October 31, 2011

Growth of Economy a Hoax

I don't know about you all, but this "growth" of the economy we've seen in the last few years which gives rise to the theory we are not in a recession is BS. I did some research and came up with this link

If you're like me and not an economist or lawmaker, you might also conclude these terms are thrown around in ridiculous fashion hoping no one takes the time to think about it. Lying to us.

Inflation is raising the total cost of goods and services which makes it look like the economy is growing by 2.5 percent. Yeah Right. Somehow it balances the value of homes which are in record foreclosure. Our local paper had pages, yes whole pages devoted to properties being sold "by public outcry" on the courthouse steps come Novemeber 1st. My heart goes out to the folks. Taxes deliquency, mortgage payments, whatever. I got a lesson in economics from my savy partner about home purchases, properties and tax collections.

Here in N. E. Georgia we still struggle. Leaf season is about over, no one is making any money. Tourists are heading home to lick their economic wounds.

Ok, I'm just saying. Enough bullshit. And anyone wanting to add a federal sales tax to goods, please say it isn't so. We who are not required to pay federal taxes because of low income (whether by choice or circumstance) do not want or need an extra 9% added to everything we buy from aspirin to apples to dish soap.

Just saying. Go trick or treating on Wall Street Today. Maybe they can hand out money.


  1. Yeah this is why good ol' Herman's 999 plan is a non starter for me.

  2. Yeah, even little kids buying candy and toys with birthday money would be paying 9% fed tax? How is that better for the people?

    Now his troubles are really starting with women coming out of the harrassment closet!

  3. Yeah, I try to ignore such claims. It only takes an accusation to ruin a man's career, whether he actually was guilty or not is irrelevant.

    Besides that we actually had proof that Clinton was guilty of adultery and the country voted him in for a second term anyway.

  4. The important thing is how the man handles it.

    Does he lie, blame others, move on, stumble, act the idiot, minimalize the infraction, discredit the media?

    Its not the blowjob, its the stupid games played, the laws broken, the lying to us that count. This is the measure of the man.