Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Consignment Stores Up-Restaurants Gone

Restaurants are disappearing in my corner of heaven, in North East Georgia Mountains.

Seems no one goes out to eat in sit down, leave a tip please, restaurants.

We have a McDonalds which seems to be thriving, a Burger King, Dairy Queen, a couple chicken places, and oh yeah, a Wendy's.

You can grab a bite to eat at the Subway, or the local RaceTrac.
But nice steak places are having trouble.

Funny, though, there's been a proliferation of consignment shops, thrift stores and various flea markets.

I didn't think there was that much stuff in the whole county. I asked my partner. We talked about people downsizing cause maybe a relative has lost their job and is moving in. Sharing housing.

Or maybe they are selling stuff to pay the rent. Maybe selling the second vacation home and all the paraphernalia that goes with it.

At any rate, I find the whole situation interesting, another sign that people are getting by any way they can.


  1. Funny you should mention restaurants going out of business, I just did a blog about a country restaurant out in farm country. All home grown and cooked. I am getting to hate fast food.

  2. Fantastic,Duke!
    We don't even go out anymore, its so boring.

    time for good home cooked, fresh food, here here!

    If you feel like giving the readers the name of the place here, please do.