Thursday, November 10, 2011

Catching Up on all things Survival

I finished the third book of my trilogy: End of Days.

Whew, now I can get back to blogging and playing in the woods, surviving.

No, wait, I just found out (don't ask where I've been)I can make my books available through Barnes and Nobles Nook reader. I hear there's all sorts of mobile applications for downloading e-books.

Its a new world out there. Remember when we carted around the boom box, then a CD player and cases of CDs.
Then the Ipod came out, and digital music put minimalism on a whole new track. In the tiniest of contraptions we can have our thousands of songs. It fits in a chest pocket.

Calendar Keeper-Book Three of End of Days

So now, with the digital revolution in literature, newspapers, magazines, and books, entire volumes and bookshelves of material, can be accessed on a tiny tablet. You choose. What size would I like to take on the airplane, car trip, or into town.

I'm trying to stay in both worlds. I know for sure we need the skills from two centuries ago to survive a SHTF scenario. There is no such thing as too many skills.

I also know we must stay current with the digital capabilities. One of my favorite examples is the Arab Spring. With mobile technology we can hook up with friends regardless.
I love the raw journalism the people produce.
Up front and in your face.
One of the best out comes is Netflix and Bank of America receiving the People's Vote...try that crap on us, we vote not only with our pocket books, but with our feet.

All this to say, my last book is now available at kindle, called the Calendar Keeper.

Critics say my writing style has become more relaxed, fluid, better.

I hope you agree.
Thanks to all my supporters, and wonderful friends.

It means a lot.


  1. Just finished downloading books 2 and 3 from Amazon...thanks, now I have some reading to do..have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks Stephen, please send me a review, if you wish. I think you'll enjoy the last two more.

    I appreciate your feedback.