Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Thoughts and Tunnel Explanation

Every morning I take a good walk in the woods. The colors are beautiful, changing a bit earlier this year. I find myself thinking all sorts of random stuff, analogies for the current world mess.

My last post about the tunnel may have raised eyebrows, What the hell is she talking about?
No doubt you've heard of that proverbial tunnel, that there is a light at the end of it? All the troubles we go through, but there's hope just around the bend? That sort of thing.

Well, economists are now forecasting years into the future of the same old mess, maybe worse than what we are now experiencing. All these federal programs to create jobs are turning out to be flops. Flops, absolute debt raising, false hope-dependency creating, flops.
Of course there are also major scandals, but as one Harvard professor put it, nothing illegal. Immoral, certainly, but all legal maneuvers by top corporations and banks to enrich themselves.

So I thought about the analogy of a solar panel when all you have is rain. Not going to work. The solar panel will work once the rain is gone.
Just like all this national debt from gluttony of wars, dependence on foreign oil, roller coaster stock market, regulations for mandatory health care, and out of control consumerism without resources to pay for it. Its holding back the light. We have to get these things solved.

The people Occupying Wall Street, camping out in Atlanta, and all across the country? Before you start a protest, figure out what you're protesting. Protesting Greed? How is banging a bunch of bongo drums, dancing with balloons on your head,  and marching with signs asking "Where's the Love" going to make any CEO do anything? Greed is not illegal. Neither is not hiring your ass.

So, get you a torch, make something happen, start a business, prepare like  survivalists are doing. Get a realistic list of goals, a mission statement. Are we wanting socialism? Firing every congress person and revamping the entire thing?

I don't have the answers. Not sure I even have the right questions.
My bottom line is there is no functioning light at the end of this economic world wide mess. No one knows when things will turn around. There are jobs for those willing or able to relocate, to learn new skills, become self employed. Its hard, but while we're under a capitalistic system, business owners and CEOs have the right to not create any jobs.

Anyways, that's my excuse for yesterday's post and I'm sticking to it.

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