Monday, October 10, 2011

Light at End of Tunnel Replaced by Solar Panel

The light at the end of the tunnel has been replaced by a solar panel.

We've been having a ton of rain lately.

If you listen to the forcast, one station will try to tell you its just drizzle, another will claim its just cloudy. Go outside, its pouring pretty good in these parts.

Some folks are bitching and whining cause no one gave them a flashlight, while others want the government to aim a heat lamp at the panel.

Seems like we're gonna have to go through the rain and pray the sun reappears.

In the meantime, I'm using a torch. Look around, you probably have something to make one with, too.


  1. Raining hard in our neck of the woods the last few days, but not today.

  2. LOL, a literal rain, or the figurative one?