Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Albert Einstein Hits the Nail Once Again

Problems can't be solved at the same level of awareness that created them--Albert Einstein.


Human beings must have action; and they will make it if they cannot find it.
Albert Einstein

The man is a widely acclaimed genius, who specialized in physics and mathematics. He was instrumental in the US developing the nuclear bomb in World War II

I love this cartoon drawn of Albert, showing him with the sword of preparedness.

The above quote took some digesting, until my friend offered the analogy. It took 75% of the brain to create that problem, its going to take 100% of same brain to fix it. In other words, a person, country, governorship has got to wake up.

We have got to be more aware of what the hell we're doing to get out of this economic /moral mess we're in.
For too long people have wanted the easy solutions. Spending our way out of depression, creating a false demand for consumer goods, tax cuts and tax incentives, now calling for tax increases for the wealthy. The wealthy know loopholes and they can hire good tax lawyers to find more.

Lets get some 100% brain power awareness and fix the tax thing once and for all. How about that flat tax. No more of this insane beginning of year tax preparation and IRS follow up fear stuff. Of course, it would cost America in jobs.

Think of all the IRS agents and tax accountants that would be out of a job.
I don't even pretend to have the answers. All I'm saying its time to quit bumbling around, adding more tax code on top of tax code like a stack of matches about to crumble.

Its time for 100% awareness to solve this world wide problem.

And quit punishing savers with this pittance being offered. I saw a 1% "High Yield" Savings account being offered by American Express. I nearly spit my coffee out, laughing at that oxymoron.


  1. Strange guy. "Eccentric" doesn't begin to do him justice. But then again, nobody can deny his genius.

  2. I wasn't aware we had World War 11 yet. I thought we stopped at World War II.

  3. oopsey, my bad, thought that was ll, or II, :)
    I'll fix it for you, anonymous!