Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Prepping or Hoarding?

The new trend in America seems to be streamlining and downsizing. Redbook Magazine did a good article in April 2010 about this, listing six easy step to bring your life under control.

Here is the gist of their article:
1-Take the first step by tackling the stuff that really drives you crazy. That's supposed to build confidence to move on to the less crazy inducing categories.

2-Involve your family. Tell them what you plan on doing and why and the article claims they are more likely to follow the plan.

3-Streamline a space. They actually, with a straight face, tell you to designate a few primary uses for each room and stick to the list. Does the writer not have kids?

4-Give you stuff-the keep or toss test. They tell you to consider what if everything disappeared in the room you are about to clean. Would you miss any of it?  At this precise point I asked myself How does Prepping for the SHTF work with decluttering your life? I know if things got bad, I would want a good tool box, lots of assorted glue, paint, nails, wire, tape, rope, fabric, thread, food, containers, just to name a few things. I guess the bottom line is to be sure its all stored neatly and findable.

5-Quit multi tasking. Used to be that was considered a given and looked upon as a skill. Now they tell us it has been proven to impair brain function. No more walking and chewing gum, you guys. Right now I have the evening news on while I type this blog. Bad girl.

6-Prioritize which to them is Physical activity, Escapes, and People. The simple joys in life. They claim by getting control of your stuff and your schedule you have time for the things that matter most.


  1. I can guarantee that the minute I throw something away, I will need it within 72 hours. If there is any possible use for an item down the road, I keep it. I'm not living in piles of junk, it's all neatly arranged and cataloged.

  2. I'm like you, Arsenius, keeping all my tools arranged so I can find them. Some clutter I never keep: fake dried flowers, plastic glasses, old magazines.

    Now with the various hobo stoves, maybe old motor oil and magazines aren't so bad. :D

    We used to put motor oil in a big barrel and use it to treat any posts that would go in or near the ground. Left to soak in oil for months or years, they will never rot.