Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Need a Wood Burning Stove

I'm in the market for a small wood burning stove. I'd love something I could move, if needed, from my studio to the house if the time comes we can no longer get propane. We are surrounded by forests so the fuel is right at hand.

My studio is only 12 x 16, and insulated, so a small pot belly cast iron maybe? I've been researching some hunter's and military style stoves, but reviews seem sketchy, like maybe they don't draw well.

I've used a wood burning stove for years, cooking and heating a whole house up in Illinois, so am ready for another one.

Any suggestions?


  1. Craigslist. I got our wood stove for our yurt there for $100. It was a very small, and I think Chinese-made wood stove. I had to seal it up pretty well, but it does the job for a 24' yurt in NH. (OK, we don't live in it, and I don't rent it out in January, because it can't keep up, but you live down south, don't you?) I would definitely get case iron.

  2. You can buy a military wood burning stove from Sportsmans Guide for about $100.00, brand new. Comes with a stove pipe, a stand, and the stove. It isn't pretty, but it is functional and can be easily moved. I've used them and they work just fine.

  3. Yes, we live down south, and heating this small studio would be easy. One reason I don't want to go with a full sized cast iron. Thanks, Paula, I will check out Craigslist.

    Sportsmans Guide, sounds good, and you liked it, Arsenius? Thanks for the tip. It doesnt need to be pretty, just need to have confidence in it.

  4. I lived in a tent in Korea during the winter for two weeks, in Yechon. The stoves kept us pretty comfortable. They will burn wood, diesel or kerosene depending on how you configure them. I'd stick to wood, it's the cleanest and it doesn't stink or smoke too badly.

  5. I checked Sportsman's Guide online, Arsenius, and didn't see it. I was oggeling the Military Stove over at A guy sells them for 69 bucks, with shipping its another 27, so nealy 100. People say the pipe is sort of narrow to draw well. The size is ideal for me.
    Is it the same thing?

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