Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Downsizing and Hobbies

The Bag Set

The Bug Shirt

The Sleeping Bag

Over at http://brawnyview.blogspot.com
I started a new page, called Sales.
I'm downsizing my collection of backpacking and camping gear. Some of it I made myself, under the brand name Brawnygear. Some of it is gear I've tested for other companies.

I used to sew for the public and loved doing new innovative things.
My prototypes abound, plus some custom work for people who wanted special projects sewn up for them.

But hobbies and passions can create a lot of extra things, things which I'm selling now, for good prices because I can avoid the middle man like EBay and Amazon.com., want adds, or flea market booths.

So if you see something you like, follow the directions and email me.
You'll never see me on Buried Alive, cause I'm getting a handle on it first.


  1. When I was flying, the parachute riggers made a lot of money by making flight bags and helmet bags which they sold to the pilots and air crew. Maybe you could make some good money doing something similar with the things you make for preppers and hikers. I hope so.

  2. Thanks Arsenius, I have done alot of sewing for hikers over the years. Sorta got out of it, though, and went to cooking in National Parks. Right now I'm just down sizing some extra stuff.