Thursday, July 7, 2011

Animals Attack-Yellowstone's Hiker Fatality

One of the key statements in this article is the couple surprised the mother with her cubs.

A person has to be extremely careful about making enough noise while hiking in griz country. Around flowing streams, or when its windy, hearing is much more challenging. I bungied a pot lid to my hiking pole when in Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshal Wilderness. A gal runs out of stuff to say, and bear bells just don't make enough noise.
I love Yellowstone. I worked there in 2009 up at the Lake Yellowstone Location. We would go hiking all around the park, up to Canyon. I always carried bear spray. Sometimes I did hike alone.

The other day driving home from town, a hawk swooped in front  of my car, carrying a rat. Lunch time. I slowed down so he didn't end up on my hood.

In all situations we humans have to remember animals have instincts and we can't really reason with them. Its in our best interest to role play what to do in any situation.

They say never hike alone, and yet being with another hiker is no sure bet either.

Rainmaker and I have hiked many many miles together. We've encountered lots of black bear, with cubs, others looking for food.

He has taught me never to run,  or to stare into the eyes. I must make noise in griz country. Stuff happens, though, and that's part of the wilderness.

My condolences to the family of the dead man. I am very sad for him.  I will read and learn from what happened and always remember my own mortality.


  1. I don't think about mortality. I want an endless vista of new mornings.

  2. Holy cow, Arsenius, thats poetic!