Monday, July 18, 2011

Check Out Some Precepts

I was over at a friends survival blog and found another interesting link. One thing led to another until I found myself on this page:

Survivalists think alike in so many ways. I love the fact he talks about skill developement. Book learning must be put into practice.
Earlier today as I filled the salt shaker I emptied a salt container. It was round, it was cardboard.

I created this lamp and campfire starter using the container by cutting it down in strips and rolling it into the container. I fit a piece of 100% cotton into the center and poured motor oil over it. Its soaking in now. Tonight I'll test this lamp and report tomorow.

The idea here is using old motor oil and cardboard, things found easily, to create a light-heat and cooking resourse.

I have time to play now. If things get bad, the playing will be over, and the surviving will begin.


  1. That reminds of stoves we made in girls scouts. Cut waxed milk containers and rolled them in a tuna can with a wick. Pour paraffin on them and they worked well. Not for backpacking, but 10 year old girls rarely backpack.

  2. Yes, Paula, we made those too :d
    This is totally consumable, however. Nothing which isn't biodegradable.