Friday, May 20, 2011

Update From Grand Tetons

 I'm  getting settled in here at Jackson Lake Lodge.Baking bread daily is my main job. We have many varieties which are served in portioned sizes.
Herb Rolls, Jalapeno With Cheese and Bacon, Potato and Dill, Lavash, Focaccia, Cornbread Muffins , Swiss Rolls are some of the specialties.

Lots of culinary students are here as well. I don't have any degrees so I prove my worth by actions.
Funny how a degree seems to give more respect than just experience in the field. There's the mystic of the Chef creating cuisine with a flair of the artist.
Beauty is important. The presentation to tease the eye, while the smell entices the appetite.

Survival of Room Mates is an issue. People aren't used to rooming with total strangers. We have people here from Jamaica, Mexico, Ukraine, Brazil, and who knows where else. Culture and stereotypes conflict. Our employee dining room is great, good food, good company , big windows, lots of  room. Its really been busy with people checking in, then being relocated to their assigned location.
The mountains are ice and snow. We hike along the road, some large areas are forbidden due to bear activity.
Those not used to wilderness keep warning us not to go alone, warning us its nearly forbidden.
I ask, " Is it illegal to hike alone". The answer of course is no. So I do. Others do as well.

So far I've seen one moose, tons of elk, geese, a fox being out maneuvered by two wild Turkeys, a lot of birds and osprey, and squirrels.
The horses and the wranglers aren't up and running yet. But soon.

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  1. The roommate thing wouldn't work for me. I did too much of that at sea, two men to a cabin the size of a big broom closet. Be careful out there if you go alone. Be nice if you had a "Spot" personal locator beacon or one of the clones . My brother spends a lot of time out in the bush and he swears by his. They aren't expensive. I'm glad it is working out for you.