Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is Reducing Our Carbon Foot Print Rediculous?

I wanted to talk about the first R in Five Survival Strategies today: reuse. The photo below was taken yesterday. You can see a variety of containers that I bought food in. After using up the food, they were washed, and continue to be used. Glass jars, large plastic jugs, soda bottles (excellent water bottles and ice packs for the cooler), and stackable cocoa powder containers are all sturdy and saveable.

Seems sort of pointless to do this to "save the planet". This morning I read an article about

Japan Upgrades Nuclear Disaster to Chernobyl
and I'm scared, pissed and discouraged.

Not that we didn't know they were spoon feeding us information all along. With so many world wide crisis,its easy to loose interest, get distracted, and forget the monster across the ocean.

Forgetting there are many of these here in America.
Forgetting there is a nuclear reactor sitting on the coast in California, earthquake belt, tsunami in waiting.

But, here I am recycling, reusing containers to limit my carbon footprint cause I love the earth. I love the green forests, the clear running streams, the living breathing planet.

I'll keep on reusing stuff cause I can't help it. I'll reuse zip lock bags, aluminum foil, candle stubs to make fuel sticks, wash clothes instead of one use disposable "Handi Wipes".

Leonardo daVinci wrote in 1452, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I think that qualifies for sustainable survival skills.

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