Friday, April 8, 2011

Five R Survival Strategy

The Five Rs I've identified for the Survivalist are:

Reduce the clutter, the obligations, the amount of stuff you own.

Reuse the things you have until they are worn completely out.

Repair the things you have to prolong their use.

Recycle everything you can by remaking it into personal use items, donating them to a thrift store, or to a recycle center.

Redefine the things you need in life for comfort, safety and emotional well being.

Redefining your needs is a long term project if you've been raised in a middle or upper class environment. I take it one day at a time. It doesn't mean buying cheap stuff. Maybe it means buying one good thing, and spending more on it.

These skills are earth friendly and reduces your carbon footprint.
In a true survival situation that wouldn't be the primary concern. Right now I can afford to care about the planet. I also love the idea that it lowers my consumerism.

Each of these Rs will have a day of its own to be really explored. Please stay tuned, share and comment.

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