Sunday, December 12, 2010

Survival in a Can- Contents List

When I go on adventures, I take my Survival Kit. Its evolved to include the following:
Inside one coffee can, with lid, place
*3 mil, contractors garbage bag, cut open so it lays flat. Roll this tightly and secure with elastic band which can withstand freezing.
*compass, on lanyard
*sheet of notepaper, folded, small pencil with electrical tape wound around it
*Jack knife, 3.5 inches, on elastic lanyard with binder clip
*cigarette lighter, hexamine tablet, book of matches, flint, petroleum jelly on cotton balls in plastic bag,
*Ziplock sandwhich bag to contain all firemaking tools
*safety pins
All of this easily fits into the can. There's just enough room to tuck in a few tea bags or boulion cubes. Orange strips of trail tape could be included, if desired.
The various cords are elastic bungee cords, which can be used to set up the plastic sheeting for shelter. The various redundant firestarters are important in winter and wet seasons. The knife enables me to build, protect and secure food. The can is for cooking, boiling water, and containing everything in a dry manner.
The compass, writing materials, trail tape are for self rescue and enabling rescue.
The electrical tape and safety pins are for repairs to body or gear.
Food, water, shelter, orientation, repair. This whole thing weighs just 13.5 ounces and was made with things on hand.

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