Saturday, December 11, 2010

Piano Keyboard Therapy

Today I bit the bullet and bought a CTK 2100 Casio 64 keyboard. It has so many functions which seem intimidating at first. Things like tone, rhythum and song banks. All adjustable, multi tasking and teaching. Plug it into the computer and there are more things it can do.
Its not really survival oriented unless you think of brain cells. Studies show that as we age we loose brain cells, and the gray matter doesn't fire as rapidly. Learning a new skill like a foriegn language, musical instrument, gormet cooking, crossword puzzles combats dementia and alztimers.
Years ago I could read music, and co ordinate this with actually playing basic piano. Time to revisit this activity. My excuse is it also keeps me out of town and off the streets.
Meanwhile, the Denali book unfolds, reaffirming that I was never meant to climb Everest, spend winters on Denali, or attempt any solo trip above my highest love, Mt. Whitney.

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