Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Loading and Stance

During the second firearms class I picked up the pistol, properly checking to be sure the safety was on, the muzzle always facing in a safe direction, finger never on the trigger.
I checked to be sure it was not loaded by removing the clip, then, checking the chamber and breach.
Next, I loaded the clip with five cartridges. Inserting the clip, but not working the slide, I was nearly ready for firing, but not yet.

Holding the pistol in a balanced stance is very important, too. Feet placed about shoulder's width apart, knees slightly bent, the weapon held firmly in my right hand, supported by my left.
As I raised the pistol to eye level, I felt some uneasiness. In the future, I might need to actually use this skill for self defense. I've been warned, never point the pistol at someone unless you mean to fire.

The semi automatic Ruger that we are using is heavy. Holding it out in front, at eye level for any amount of time is tiring.
After all these drills, I unloaded the firearm, unloaded the clip and replaced it. Checking to be sure the pistol was totally unloaded, safety on, I wiped it down with a clean cloth.

It was a good class, and I am feeling a little more comfortable handling firearms.

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