Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Hobo Survival Lamp

Today I made the hobo lamp. Its a quick and easy project.

Fill a tin can to within one inch of the rim with dry dirt. I used a clayish soil.

Next, find a twig about as thick as your pinkie, long enough to push into the soil the length of the can, plus about 4-5 inches above the can. We're talking about 7 inches, give or take.

Now, find an old scrap of cotton fabric. I used an old bandanna and tore off a strip measuring 2 inches wide by 26 inches long. This will be the wick, so, be sure its substantial enough or it will burn up too quickly.

Now, with the twig firmly planted in the middle of the can, wrap the cloth around the twig, leaving a decent amount at the top to receive the oil and lighting.

Next, chose some type of liquid fat, grease or oil, and pour this over the wick, filling the can to within half inch of the top rim.

If you have a room temperature solid fat, heat until its liquid so that it will saturate the fabric and flow into and on top the soil.

Let this set up awhile, so that the oil soaks into the cloth wick.

Your lamp is now ready to light. Follow all normal safety procedures.

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