Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day Appreciation

Today HBO is playing the ten part series The Pacific. Executive Producer Tom Hanks does such a remarkable job. My Vietnam Veteran life partner says it is very realistic. I believe it.
If you get a chance to see this series, do it. Not only do I appreciate the sacrifice of young men on the battle field, but also the men and women who were nurses and doctors, cooks, therapists, and mothers and fathers who saw their young men go off to war. They survived the impossible.
I am not a war hawk, nor do I believe in violence as a solution. Self defense is another story. All creatures have the right to defend themselves. In a perfect world there would be no aggressors and no need for self defence. Yet nature shows us that the food chain causes prey to become stronger and predators see to it that the weak, old and sick are removed from the herd. This leaves more resources for the rest, and preserves the species.
Is this how war fits into human civilization? Especially in times of economic crisis, perhaps we revert back to the food chain model of preservation. Perhaps civilization becomes optional.
One saying I've lived by is "don't be big and strong, be hard to find". When that doesn't work, be prepared to defend yourself and those you love.
Thank you Veterans for all your sacrifice, your time, heart and soul.

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