Friday, November 12, 2010

Celebrate Our Economy, Buy Nothing

As minimalists, this is not hard to do. In fact, I usually only buy stuff one day a week.
Unless, as this website points out, you use electricity, burn propane, or call someone on the phone.
Be warned, is a website with large colorful ads. The links on this black background site at the top has the meat of the website.
I buy stuff online, like at If you're looking for a particular book or DVD, you can get good deals on almost new media. One book in particular I'm loving is a 1100 page 2007 Culinary Text book which cost $6.99, which included shipping.
Ok, back to my subject. I found this website in a free local advertiser's 100% recycled paper newspaper. I love the concept of buy nothing. How about a website on
Find something free to enjoy, stay home, play with the toys you already have, and deal with the new reality.
Watching the news, reading and listening to the "experts" I feel we've finally come to acceptance.
They say with a crisis there are four stages: denial, anger, bargaining, acceptance.
We denied the economic crisis, even our leaders denied it long after we saw the writing on the wall.
Anger has been expressed with politicians getting the boot, incumbents losing to unknown contestants.
Bargaining is still going on with stimulus packages, buy outs, hand outs, bail outs.
But, finally, even Suzie Orman, President Obama, and the news teams (take your pick) have to admit, its the new normal. Learn to love the little stuff. Acceptance.

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