Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Packless System-Day Three

Today we did a lengthy blog at


on the steps involved in making your own stuff sack to serve as the central, main bag. I sewed a mesh pocket onto the fabric before sewing the side seams. This main bag can be removed and used as a day pack. For that reason it is vertically oriented, instead of horizontal as the other bags will be.

The short clips here are showing how to add anchor points to your existing stuff sacks. As we know, the packless system is all about using what you have and just strapping it securely in place via cordage of some type.

If you've been using an internal frame, you probably stuff your sleeping bag into a stuff sack. Your food would also be in a stuff sack, as well as the tent, the cook system, and hygiene kit. Then, all these various sacks would be placed into an internal frame.

My extensive testing on the Pacific Crest Trail of the Packless System led me to the conclusion that 3-4 stuff sacks properly ordered, were sufficient for a long distance hiker's needs.

Tomorrow, we will put it all together on the pack, and by Friday have a complete video uploaded to my channel at YouTube.

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