Friday, October 15, 2010

New Wild Foods

Now that I pretty much have the acorn thing down, I'm looking at other wild edibles. So many things can make tea, that's not an issue.
What I want is something you can chew, and feel good about. Not gritty or slimy, but something our ancestors might have collected for the table like dandelions.
This week I've found Sassafras and Common Plantain. Both of these wild foods can be used as salad greens or cooked greens when young and tender, or made into a tea if you like. Being fall, and everything in tough Old mode, I collected leaves. I firmly believe in bringing book knowledge into the field, keeping it real.
We have a lot of kudzu around here in the South. It was a gift from a Japanese Ambassador at the turn of the century. A plant that is much maligned, it can be used to feed animals and humans, weave baskets and furniture, prevent erosion and has enough cellulose to create fuel for cars.
I've tasted it raw and its not bad, a little coarse. Once I try some cooked I'll report back.

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