Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Hobo Cook Set

After making a gear loft from an onion sack, I decided to make a ditty bag for a cook set. This cook set is comprised of all recyclables, except for the matches and cigarette lighter, so I named it the Hobo Cook set.

My pot is a 26 ounce can of tomatoes. The plastic lid comes from a coffee can of the same diameter.

My cup is a plastic bowl from a dry cereal, Kashi. The soda can stove is made from a soda can. You can use tent stakes for a pot support, or make your own pot support with scrap hardware cloth or wire.

Any spoon completes the cook set. Place it all in this ditty bag.

When I was in girl scouts, we all had dunk sacks made of netting. A large kettle of hot soapy water, a kettle of clean rinse water, and a final kettle of sanitizer were lined up. Each girl would place her personal dishes in such a dunk sack, and wash her own cookware by dunking into these kettles.

It worked, and we eliminated dreaded kitchen duty.

I used a small hobo cook set while hiking the Appalachian Trail. It only weighed 3 ounces, and was used for creating simple hot foods via re hydration in cups.

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