Thursday, October 7, 2010

Make a Gear Loft or Survival Cabin

Today I hiked up to my new survival shelter on top of what locals call "clear cut mountain". Years ago the trees were all logged leaving just a few trees on steep slopes. Now, all the trees are small and spaced close enough together so I could chose a grouping to create a cabin style shelter. I saw an old Appalachian Trail Shelter similar to this: no floor and open on one side. I decided not to sleep in it on my thru hike, prefering to use my tent.
To build my survival shelter, I found long dead branches and layered them log cabin style. This fall I'll continue to visit my shelter utilizing the fallen leaves for bedding and insulation.

I made this gear loft from an onion sack. The directions are posted on my other blog Brawnyview. It only weighs 6 grams, less than 1/4 ounce. Easy to make, and inexpensive, this alternative gear project is simple enough for anyone to tackle with success.

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  2. Thanks, Rothco, always good to hear.