Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dramatic Photos of Griz Chasing Burnt Bison

I am a member of
a great website that links employees with employers in the some of the coolest spots around the world. I have worked in Yellowstone National Park, and Zion National Park, thanks to the connection facilitated by CoolWorks.
People become members, join groups and stay in touch with their friends and happenings in their favorite spots. Very informative, interactive, give it a look if you love to travel or work in beautiful places.
The owner of the website, Bill Berg, posted this link for those who love Yellowstone, or are fascinated with the goings on there.
The photos were taken in snowy April by a man taking his wife to work. These photos will amaze you, and truly rare.
I felt very sorry for the poor bison who first gets so close to hot spots he is nearly burned to death, the has to run for his life from a full grown griz. Sadly, he met his fate the next day. There are no Darwin Awards for animals that I know of. This poor guy would qualify.

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