Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Cabin

I have this favorite shelter going on; every time I hike up to the mountain top, I add to the Cabin.

It started out as a learning project. If you're faced with nightfall and no shelter, how long would it take to create something from scratch? There are no caves, overhangs,or large blow downs. Its fairly open with small trees because years ago it was clear cut: a method whereby all trees are cut down and removed at once.

With winter approaching, I find myself adding to the shelter with plans to do an overnighter there. I'll bring a thermometer to measure the difference in temperatures inside and out.

Playing in the woods like this is just practice for if one had to hole up and wait for rescue. Its important to feel some control over the outcome so that panic doesn't set in. With purposeful work, like improving the shelter by adding more leaves or branches, a person can stay put and not panic.

One disadvantage to this location is no ready source of water. A stream is shown on the topographical map, but it is nearly 700 feet lower in elevation, way down the slope. An advantage however would be easy to spot by air search and rescue teams.

Playing with survival scenarios is like practicing basketball. The practice sessions hone skills for the real game.

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