Sunday, September 26, 2010

Solstis Rugged Outerwear-Gear Review

I love these wonderful fleece pants. They have zippered hand pockets using a nylon lining which keeps them from being bulky. Pockets are just great for trail and sleepwear, allowing you to put tissues, gloves, or a LED light in easily accessible place.

I love the length on these pants as well. Nothing scrimpy about them. The ankles stay toasty even when you're sitting cross legged at the fire. The pant leg narrows to the ankle making an elastic cuff unnecessary.

They are a little bulky for packability, but sleeping warm is worth it.
100% Polyester Fleece is an excellent fabric for both warmth and staying dry. It will not hold water, so that even if they get wet, body heat will cause it to evaporate quite readily.

Weight is 12.5 ounces. I am able to use a lighter sleeping bag when I bring these fleece to sleep in.

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