Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Acorn Report

Last night at our campsite I had quite a few things going. Among them was the Plastic Soup Pot, hung with a home made plastic cordage over a campfire. I filled it with water and acorns.
Over the course of the evening the water was brought to a boil, left to simmer and then drained off. I did this also in the morning for a total of 3 times.

Then, my partner and I tasted the acorn meat which was extracted from the shell.

Not bad, he remarked. This after a breakfast of blueberry pancakes and peaches.

I brought them home, and cracked the remaining acorns open, extracting the meat.

They are receiving a final boiling on the stove, then further experimental recipes are planned. I'm thinking a roasted nut, a saute'd with cajun seasoning, a cake patty, and a vegetarian stir fry.

Just as is, I tasted the product with a little salt and definitely felt I could eat a bunch of these in a survival situation.
I did a search and found that per one ounce of raw acorns there were 7 grams of fat. This is a good survival food. I also found this interesting link, which merits reading.
Looks like others are in gathering mode as well.

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