Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keeping it Real

Now, I admit I thought about deleting my first film about the slow burner on YouTube. The first tries at baking with the prototype didn't go so well.

I went back to reread my
page that we did years ago and saw my mistake.

But, just keeping it real, never give up when things don't go perfect the first time. Keep tweeking it. Have patience, stay positive. By posting my first attempts others can learn from my trials as well.

Even though the first couple cornbread tasted pretty fine the pan had to be scrubbed between tests. This was not acceptable. The pancakes were pretty easy but the trick was to find a pan light enough to be worth carrying. The one I found only weighs 44 grams ( 1- 3/4 ounces). Not only that, it makes a good buffer for the pot when I want to bake a thick cake.

The second film on YouTube about baking is shorter, and very successful. It also shows a prettier stove and promotes the idea that a person can make one of these with just a few simple tools. One soda can is all you need, and a pocket knife. I love the fact that its so simple you can make it in just minutes.

I've invited my trail partner to a backpacking breakfast of brewed coffee and blueberry pancakes. We'll post the ultralighter's kitchen set, and photos. As soon as the color starts in North East Georgia a trip into the wilderness is planned.

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