Monday, July 5, 2010

Using a Watch for a Compass

I want to thank Peter, a reader who e-mailed me, for bringing this information to my attention.
So today, after practicing outside, I googled the concept of actually using a watch for a compass. This website provides more accurate details than I previously posted.
The gist of it is you take your analog watch and point the hour hand towards the sun. Then, you bisect the angle between the hour hand and the twelve o'clock and that line points south.
There will actually be two angles.The angle farthest away from the sun is north, the closer one is south. This works in northern hemisphere, without daylight savings time taken in account.

I'm always learning something.
Today I hiked the Narrows again and was able to watch a mother bird feeding her baby on a rock. All around this feathery bundle the river swirled. Seems she wanted to take flight. Her mom brought her a morsel, and she continued her baby dance on the rock. Pretty amazing.
I watched another bird skim the water, dip slightly and come up with something for another baby bird nestled in a rocky nest.

It was very early, the river was cold, but the rewards were worth it: no crowds and plenty of good filming.

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