Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Slow Burner

I am working on a slow burning stove, one capable of baking and simmering on backpacking trips. Years ago, Rainmaker and I at did a whole series of baking recipes for the Soda Can Stove

This stove will not need any attachments or special turning.

The above stove wouldn't stay lit. So, adding a few more holes, I came up with this one.

I tried it today, simply pouring in an ounce of Heet, lighting with a match, and waiting. It sort of coughed, sputtered, then gave forth good heat until all the fuel was burned.
I plan to work with this Slow Burner, making a demo and baking with it.
Right now I don't have any stats: burn time, fuel consumption, height for pot support.
The more holes a burner has the faster it burns. This model is all about slow simmering heat, the kind necessary to bake bread in the backpackers one pot.
Please check back for further developments.

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