Monday, July 19, 2010

Shoes for Bottle Holder

I like to take my shoes off during breaks. Especially breaks near a cool stream. This helps prevent feet from blistering, swelling and drys the socks as well.
In this photo, my water bottle is happily nestled in a shoe. I found this very useful when camping and backpacking because the bottle will not fall over.
If you have a hot drink, in an open cup, it also serves to insulate and preserve heat.

As you can also see, the water bottle is the 1.5 liter size and has electrical tape wound around it. I purchased bottled water just to obtain this large capacity bottle. It weighs just over an ounce, much less than a Nalgene. They are nearly indestructible. I've used this same bottle for nearly 7 years on backpacking and day hikes.
By carrying 2 of these, and one 1-liter bottle, I have 5 quarts capacity for about 6 ounces. Nalgenes weigh about 4 ounces each, so 5 quart capacity would weigh 20 ounces.
As you can see, this simple choice saves 14 ounces of pack weight, and a lot of money. If you lose one, simply by a beverage at a supermarket, and save the bottle.

This photo was taken in the Utah desert, in Zion National Park.

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