Saturday, July 17, 2010

Home Made and Solar Powered

I found this page that gives directions on how to build a solar oven for under $5. I think I can find the parts at a thrift store even, making it cheaper. But, with the price of electricity and propane going up, $5 would be a good investment in getting off the grid.

It's fun making things, useful things. Once made, and the concepts understood, a person can tailor it to their needs.

Like this day pack: made of silnylon with one outer pocket for water bottles etc, it weighs only 4 ounces and suits me perfectly. There's no hip belt, but even with 5 pounds of gear, it feels very comfortable.

I like black because it blends into the environment and is opaque.

Basically, this pack is a large stuff sack with shoulder straps sewn into the drawcord casing at the top, and the bottom of the straps sewn into the side seams near the bottom. Incredibly simple, this pack can also be repaired on trail, or rolled up and stuffed in a carry on bag for airport travel. Once at the destination, it makes a great day pack.

My youtube channel has a demo on how to make stuff sacks.

This fall I will begin a series of sewing videos to include this how to make this pack.

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