Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Survival Shelter

I'm really into survival and wilderness stuff.

Lately I'm thinking survival in this economy is going to take some skills too.

Things like sewing, cooking, gardening, making do with what we have, trading for what we need.

So why not blog about it? A way to share, get comments, brainstorm new ideas.
Why not?

The survival shelter I built above is very small, but adequate. It'd get you through a cold night, shed most rain falls, and be snug as a bug.
I started with a log which had landed all by itself in the crotch of another tree.
Then, placing branches, leaves and natural debris in a lean-t0 formation, I continued to shape a Bivy -type shelter for sleeping. It will hold in my own body heat because the layers of dry leaves, beneath me and above me, are great insulation.

No vegetation was harmed in the making of this shelter. No live plants were cut or distroyed.

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