Friday, June 11, 2010


I'll admit, I've never killed and eaten a small creature like this. As far as I know, I've never eaten a bug. Not on purpose.
You see that kind of stuff on survival shows. Makes for good t-v.
If I ever got truly hungry, suppose anything is possible.
There are a lot of edible plants out there which are capable of sustaining large animals. At present, I like to focus on those things. Things without guts and eyeballs looking at you. Without stingers, teeth and venom.
If I ever needed to eat an animal (bugs are animals) I would have to kill it first. No need to have something squirming as it made its way down my intestinal track.
Most of us could go days with out water and weeks without food if the proper skills and tactics were used. Mindset is key.
Our minds tell us we need food everyday, and sure we'd get hungry without our three squares.
But, there are plenty of stored calories in our bodies for most survival situations to get us to safety without resorting to potentially dangerous tricks like robbing bee hives, battling poisonous snakes and feasting on gutpiles.
Right now I am working and exploring in Zion National Park. With caves, box canyons and little rain, its much different than the Appalachians where I live.The desert has its challenges, among them water and heat. There is some vegetation which deer feed upon freely in the lower levels of the canyons. I'm watching what they eat. I'll try some of that soon.
But for now, you bugs and lizards are safe.

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