Woman's Survival Page

First a disclaimer. No offense is intended towards the male population. This page is written for informational purposes.
All women must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses to further self-preservation.

One afternoon I caught up to an Appalachian Trail hiker on my successful thru hike. He appeared happy, self sufficient, albeit, equipped with worn, old fashioned gear.
I'm drawn to unusual individuals, so we continued hiking together. He was happy to do most of the talking. I listened.
After awhile, he told about spending time in jail after an incident where the cops were called because of his reckless behavior in a trail shelter: throwing firecrackers off the roof. He said his medications were confiscated by the cops, but after a week, they let him go. He also divulged that he had fought with his brother and served a year for nearly killing him with a post.
I grew increasingly aware that this was a person I would ditch this very day, no matter how calm he seemed. We arrived at a trail shelter, he unpacked, others came to camp, I said  my "Happy Trails", and hiked further.
I trust my gut. Violence is never isolated.

Sometimes women will stay with another person to save money, split costs, or because they lack credit. This is never a good reason when your instincts, however softly they whisper the warning, are telling you to bail. When women marry, they should still maintain a bank account and a credit account in their name.

Females  usually posses less physical strength than men, but we can maintain our self preservation skills by staying healthy and in shape. The ability to run farther, and longer,and the ability to strike back at vulnerable areas of an assailant make us more confident in our comportment. This is valuable. Never appear to be easy prey.
Calling for help does not guarantee help will arrive in time. Avoiding violent situations, people and places is a good first step in self preservation.
No amount of "I'm sorry" will erase an attack. Make a pact with yourself that you will never put up with physical abuse, not once, not ever.

Never feel guilty for have suspicions, or lacking trust. In the Gift of Fear, Gavin de Becker warns that we are the only animal that tries to reason away our survival instincts. We don't have to offer reasons for our feelings, or give into any demands of disclosure. Stop being so nice. As women who run with wolves, when we smell a dangerous odor, we must believe its true warning.

At times, we put up with stuff because we don't want to be alone. But the price for having company is sometimes too much. Run the scenario through your head. It is easier to stop earlier than when it is too late.

Society has prescribed the way people act in civilization. These rules go out the door when your life or well being is at stake. I have learned that we are not responsible for another person's happiness, and no one is responsible for ours.
With that in mind, if its not working for you, leave. If someone asks for something you are unwilling to share, don't. It is your right, your duty, to protect yourself, whether its information, money, time, or affection.
During my solo hikes and trail town experiences, there were times I'd answer questions that made me uncomfortable. Not any more. Its OK to just say, "no comment". Politicians do it all the time.


Always be careful not to give out too much information. I learned this while on trail, and it applies to every friendly face or disbelieving day hiker you may meet. You don't have to convince anyone of your abilities or wilderness savvy. See my November 24th, 2010 blog for more information.

When you find that great male hiking partner, you'll know it. He will respect your space, decisions, and style. He will not belittle your methods, or try to talk you into or out of things.
He will be on your side, and accept you as a full  contributing partner. He will listen, and not make it seem a chore.

You deserve a great person, don't settle or risk your safety for less.

There are people like that out there. I endeavor to be one of them. My life partner is a gift from the trail gods.