Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Reply to Mobiltec, What's the Generator Doing?

Well Larry. November should be perfect weather down there.

Okay, the bottom line on the Generator.
You previously asked me, "What does the generator do when you try to start it?" and I said, nothing. So yesterday, I went to verify the nothing, by pressing the in house generator button. It clicked a couple times, then turned over and started. I stood back, shocked out of my socks...listening. Came to my senses, ran to the shore power and unplugged then returned to the motorhome to assess what the revived thing could do.
The house lights all work...but they did on house batteries anyways. That's no proof a load is being carried by the generator, I thought. So, I checked the outlets and found they didn't work, nor the frig or microwave. But both air conditioners did, as well as the galley fan and stove top fan!
So, I figured we do have something going on.

Today I checked and replaced two burnt out 12 volt fuses, and now have 12 volt adapter (cigarette lighter type thing). My 175 watt inverter now works, which is very tiny but will recharge a phone or laptop. Sadly, I have learned those small inverters deliver 'unclean' electricity and could damage sensitive equipment.

My goal is to write this winter, so being able to charge my laptop daily is essential to my mental well-being.

I got the name of a generator guy today. New tires installed. My Les Schwabb guy said brakes both front and back are great, and the wheel bearing are fine as well. Ready to roll.

I posted this here so my readers can learn as well. I've quit saying I'm no good with mechanical things.I guess you've proved even I can get comfortable under the hood.

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  1. Brawny that's great. The problems with the generator not powering a few of your appliances may not be the generator's fault. I'll have to call you.